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The five main methods of cleaning furniture and fittings are:
· Dusting (routine cleaning)
· Spot clean (routine cleaning)
· Damp wipe/dry wipe (routine cleaning)
· Vacuuming floors (routine cleaning)
· Polishing boardroom tables and high quality furnishings (periodically)
· Vacuum – upholstered chairs and fabric chairs are vacuumed to remove dust,
particularly in the crevasses’ and corners (periodically).
The majority of office cleaning tasks involve, dusting, spot cleaning, damp or dry wiping and vacuuming floors.
Every day you clean any area you should:
1. Assess the area for level of soiling and potential hazards before cleaning
2. Perform your cleaning tasks according to your workplace procedures and cleaning specification
3. Assess the result and dress the room (restore the room to its original condition).

Apart from the must do there are a number of tasks you SHOULD complete each day to maintain a MINIMUM acceptable standard of cleaning. These being:
· Detail vacuum all high traffic carpeted floors to remove visible litter and dirt.
· Make sure you always pay particular attention to the boss’ office and the person in
charge of the cleaning contracts office.
· Detail clean all high profile entrances, lobbies etc. This includes cleaning floors,
cleaning door glass and entrance glass, cleaning outside entrances and vacuuming
entrance matting.
· Spot cleaning tables and desks to remove coffee and food spills and stains.
· Detail clean toilets, wash hand basins and clean mirrors in bathrooms.
· Spot clean kitchens and activity areas.
· You should complete a small amount of dusting each week so that over a period of
1-2 weeks all areas are dusted.

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