Facility Care is the premier house and commercial facilities cleaning service provider in Delhi NCR. We provide a wide range of cleaning services that accomplish cleanliness with low environmental impact. We offer most economical services which are affordable to every household and businesses with high class cleaning quality.

Our Services

⦁ Full Home Cleaning
⦁ Office Cleaning
⦁ Kitchen Cleaning
⦁ Living Room / Bed Room / Washroom Cleaning
⦁ Carpet Cleaning
⦁ Sofa Cleaning

Our Specialty:

⦁ Cleaning outside of typical business hours
⦁ Daily, weekly or monthly cleaning frequencies
⦁ Emptying and disinfecting employee food areas
⦁ Cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces
⦁ Cleaning down of all hard surfaces

Our services are designed to suit the unique cleaning needs and priorities of various types of facilities.

Our Cleaning Service for BHK House Includes:

1. Kitchen Cleaning:
⦁ Dust and wipe all areas
⦁ Clean the sink
⦁ Vacuuming and mopping of floors
⦁ Clean from outside the microwave, outside fridge, oven top and knobs
2. Bathroom Cleaning:
⦁ Clean the toilets
⦁ Clean your showers and tubs inside out
⦁ Vacuuming and mopping of floors
⦁ Clean all the mirrors and other fixtures
⦁ Clean the washbasin
3. Bedroom and Living Area Cleaning:
⦁ Dust and wipe all areas
⦁ Vacuuming and mopping of floors
⦁ Vacuum the sofa, wipe chairs and other furniture
⦁ Make the bed and fold clothes
4. Important activities involved in our deep cleaning services:
⦁ Stain removal and appliance exterior cleaning
⦁ Dusting, vacuuming & mopping of floor with cleaning agents
⦁ Window, glass, and window frame cleaning
⦁ Furniture, cabinets, and wardrobes exterior cleaning
⦁ Vacuuming of sofa, carpet, and other furnishings
⦁ Spot cleaning with cleaning agents from walls
⦁ Balconies, walkways, railings, and shutter cleaning
⦁ Fans, lights, windows, railing, cabinets, and switchboard cleaning
⦁ Floor cleaning & buffing

Benefits of Our Cleaning Services?

1. Save Time
Delegating daily and weekly cleaning service, you will have more time to focus on what truly matters to you. Offloading cleaning works save much of your time and energy.
2. Improve productivity
A clean home is a peaceful environment with cleaner air and a relaxing ambiance. A cleaned facility makes occupants comfortable and lets them focus on their jobs. You can prioritize better and ultimately become more productive on a day to day basis.
3. Takes Care Every Single Hard To Reach Places
In regular cleaning we miss those hard to reach places. Those places that are often filled with dust and spider webs, we will take care of these places for you.
4. Save Money
Facility Care offers most economical options for you, our cleaning rates are much lesser than our competitors with far better quality of cleaning.
5. Trained And Experienced Professionals
Facility Care is professional cleaning services, we ensure that the best products are used and that every inch of the facility is cleaned to satisfaction.
6. Health Benefits:
The surfaces all around the facilities such as office environment are crawling with germs and bacteria that can cause sickness. Regular cleaning will help keep you safe from microorganism, improve your health. It also increases lifespan of your furniture and things within your facility.

Taking our service, you will save time, money, energy, be more productive, and get every corner of your facility cleaned.

“Facility Care” Delhi NCR’s trusted home and commercial property maintenance service provider

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