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Fogging Services at your door:

We will decontaminate your commercial or residential space with the “ULV” Cold Fogger cleaning technique, which creates a penetrating disinfectant mist that kills 99.999% of all viruses, including the Novel COVID-19 on all surfaces and areas difficult to reach.

Routine Disinfection Services (Weekly or Bi-Weekly)

Are you doing everything you can to help protect your operations and employees from the hard-hitting impacts of coronavirus? Consider routine disinfection services to make an investment in your business continuity.
If your business is looking to proactively disinfect your site on a regular basis, Facility Care is ready to respond. We provide ongoing disinfection services to help curb the spread of coronavirus, giving you and your employees peace of mind during this challenging time.
⦁ We offer weekly or bi-weekly COVID-19 disinfecting of designated spaces for offices, industrial facilities, warehouses, restaurants and more.
⦁ Our teams can fog/spray general areas as well as hand wipe high-touch areas, including doorknobs, desks, vending machines, etc. 
⦁ We use List N disinfectants meeting EPA’s criteria for use against COVID-19.

We offer 20% discount over the normal price if you opt for routine service

Benefits of Disinfectant Fogging


It takes around an hour to disinfect the averag facility

Most Effective

The technique disinfects all areas which are difficult to reach

Safe & Eco-Friendly

Our products are proven to be effective against viruses, but 100% safe and eco-friendly

Ensuring your workspace is safe and disinfected and worry-free process with Facility Care. If you are an essential service provider, you need to keep your space safe for your customers and employees. Disinfectant fogging and spraying releases a steady and even stream of sanitizing droplets into the air which settle onto surfaces that you can’t reach with other cleaning methods. Our fogging disinfectant fights 99.999% of bacteria and viruses so you can confidently provide the services people need most right now.

About Services:


Your facility will be left 99.999% free of bacteria and viruses. Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) will be used as disinfectant which is one of the most effective known biocides, safe for humans and animals.


Covid-19 lockdown has made many companies loose their revenue, severe impact to their financials. Take action now. Leave your facility with us, we ensure your staff, customers and business operations are protected against the virus.


Occupants only need to vacate the facility for 1 hours untill our fogging team is at work. Our service is available 24×7.


Make sure to continue disinfecting your facility even after our highly trained technicians have performed a deep sanitizing at your facility.

How it works

1. Service Booking

Select your facility type, fogging area and book a fogging appointment at a time that suits you best.
We service all kind and size of commercial and residential facilities.

2. Facility Inspection

One or more fully equipped fogging/misting consultant will be dispatched to your home based on facility type and fogging area to make sure exactly which areas require more attention.

3. Sanitising Operation

The consultants will carefully inspect, clean and disinfect all areas of your facilities, including inaccessible areas.

4. what you get

On completion of job we assuring you of 99.999% effectiveness and peace of mind that the environment is safe and sanitary.


Most frequent questions and answers

Fogging is an old and fairly low-tech technology that has been used for many years for agricultural, medical disinfection purposes. Fogging involves the distribution of any suitable disinfectant formulation in very fine particles like a fog or a very fine mist, enabling a pervasive surface contact coating of all surfaces very quickly and efficiently

There are 2 different types of fogging machines. A “cold fogger” the one Facility Care using by pumping a liquid through a high pressure nozzle so it is emitted as a color less fine mist. It does not spray large volumes of fluid and they do not spray at high pressure. A a cold fogger does not heat the liquid it does not change the chemical composition of the cleaning agent used and therefore any cleaning agent that can be used in a pump spray bottle can be used in a ULV Fogger. The other type of fogger is a “hot fogger” or “thermal fogger”. Thermal foggers work by heating the fogging liquid over a coil and vaporising it. This type of fogger will emit a fog that looks like a grey or white smoke.

Please ensure that all electrical sockets have been turned off at the plug prior to treatments.

Yes, we ask you to stay outside the area for your own safety and not enter the area 1 hour after the treatment.

Yes, we will send you a proof of cleaning certificate with your company name on it directly after completing the treatment. A reference certificate as below,

To kill coronavirus you’ll need an antiviral disinfectant liquid. There are several antiviral chemical disinfectants available in the India from either your local industrial cleaning products suppliers or on the internet. Facility Care uses 100% natural products based on a naturally produced chemical compound called Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL). HOCL is completely food and human safe, and is naturally produced in the human body by white blood cells.

No. Fogging is additional to cleaning but it delivers a wider scope of additional disinfection that manual cleaning alone cannot achieve. Cleaning in this sense basically means spraying and wiping surfaces, particularly hard surfaces and especially frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, stair hand rails, elevator buttons, light switches, work surfaces etc. That needs to keep happening. However fogging will allow you to also disinfect all the places that are not possible to manually clean including soft surfaces such as curtains, carpets, chairs, sofas etc as well as “wide-area hard surfaces” that would take much time to manually clean with spraying and wiping, such as walls, ceilings, and doors, undersides of desks etc.

Facility Care suggest as follows (to supplement cleaning, not instead of cleaning):
Hotels, guest houses :
– Guest rooms: shall be fogged in between departure and arrival.
– Reception areas, dining areas, communal seating indoor and outdoor, corridors – daily
– lifts: Daily.
Gym equipment and gym areas:
– often – every 3 or 4 hours after each use.
– Changing rooms and communal shower & toilet areas – every 3 or 4hours
Other places of community gathering:
– at least 60 minutes before commencement of gathering

It is depends on the size of the room and area to be surface-disinfected. Normally, a 1000 sqft closed space will take about 15 minutes.

You should wear respiratory protective mask and safety goggles for protection against disinfectant and virus, and also use PPE dress to cover up exposed skin. For more specific PPE recommendations you should follow the manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet recommendations for the brand of disinfectant that you are using.

Yes, however you need to be aware of any wind coming in that might affect the fogging process.
How long do I need to wait after fogging to use the space again for customers or staff?
We recommend minimum 30 minutes. Reason is time for kiling viruses and time to dry the surfaces.
After fogging can I keep working in a room to prepare it for a new guest or new customers within the 30 minute period?
Yes you can. After spraying you should leave the room for at least 15 minutes with the door closed to allow all the fog to drop out of the air and the surface disinfecting process to be completed. Then you can go back in and keep working.

The only moving part in our ULV Fogger is the electric motor which operates as an air blower. The liquid flow mechanism contains no moving parts, with fluid moving through a series of tubes and small-aperture valves. So overall these machines are very robust and reliable machines. There are no circuit boards or other delicate electronics to go wrong. The main problem you could have if you’re not careful is a blockage of the flow valves with debris that you have inadvertently allowed to get inside the fluid reservoir. That will result in no mist coming out after you turn on the machine. Please refer to manufacturers warranty period mentioned in the website.

Disinfection practices are important to reduce the potential for COVID-19 virus contamination in non-healthcare settings, such as in the home, office, schools, gyms, publicly accessible buildings, faith-based community centres, markets, transportation and business settings or restaurants. High-touch surfaces in these non-health care settings should be identified for priority disinfection such as door and window handles, kitchen and food preparation areas, counter tops, bathroom surfaces, toilets and taps, touchscreen personal devices, personal computer keyboards, and work surfaces.

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