SS ULV Fogger Machine

This fogger atomize liquid into small droplets by shearing them in high turbulent section of nozzle. A low rate [30-60 ml per minute] produces a dry fog of small droplets that float extensively and diffuse widely. Larger flow rate [120-150 ml per minute] produce progressively larger droplets. Liquid flow rate is regulated by a control valve to alternate the droplet size.

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SS ULV Fogger Machine


This fogging machine provides an excellent control of droplet size to 0.5-10 micron droplets needed by concentrated ULV chemicals. The machine can treat 20-4,000 cubic feet per minute, reducing application time and labour-costs. Due to high output and large droplets, the machine is very effective.

The machine can deliver up to 150 ml/min in a mist of large (30 micron) droplets used in humidification, dust abatement and sanitizing work. This machine atomizes liquid into a fog, mist or spray of small droplets, It can atomize both water or oil based solutions as well as emulsions and dilute suspensions of wettable powders.

Features :

  • Max. area coverage as compared to any other conventional fogger.
  • Material Stainless Steel (SS304) Body.
  • Built with chemical level indicator.
  • pre-fitted liquid flow control valve for ease of use.
  • Portable & Easy to use.
Weight 4.6 kg
Dimensions 41 × 33 × 23.5 cm

4.6 kgs


33 x 41 x 23.5 cm





Tank Size

4 Ltrs

Discharge Rate

120 – 150 ml/min

Spray Range

12 mtr

Droplet Size

0.5 – 30 micron


1 Year

Machine Color


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